Need to Destress? A Little Bit of Self-Care Can Go a Long Way

A dozen ways to feel (and look) a little better during the pandemic

We’re all dealing with more stress these days, which means it’s time for a little self-care. From basic beauty upkeep to tension-relieving cannabis and candles, here are a dozen ways to look and feel a little better during unprecedented times.

Upkeep and Stress Relief

Mani-pedi kit

Your cuticles are overgrown and your fingernails are in disarray. You probably don’t even want to look at your toes. Olive & June’s nine-piece Studio Box comes with everything you need to get your nails back in tip-top shape—polish remover, nail clipper, two-sided nail file, buffer cube, top coat, cuticle serum, and your choice of polish color. Not sure how to use these tools? Not to worry, Olive & June’s website has dozens of instructional videos to walk you through the process.

Teeth whitening

Coffee, red wine, and, of course, smoking will take their toll on your pearly whites. What better time to turn back the ravages of indulgence? SmileDirectClub’s Teeth Whitening Kit claims to yield pro results in just one week. Attach the LED light booster to the provided mouth guard for five minutes twice a day, and your grin supposedly will sparkle for six months.

Staying in shape

Channel your inner Rocky Balboa and give fitness boxing a go. FightCamp offers everything you need—quick wraps, gloves, a workout mat and free-standing bag, and punch trackers—to successfully battle those extra COVID pounds. The rewards include better posture, improved balance, and, best of all, stress relief.

Spare eyeglasses

There is a famous episode of The Twilight Zone in which the world ends—and one man survives. He is a near-legally-blind misanthrope whose only joy in life is to read. After the apocalypse he gleefully stomps through the ashes of the world to his local library—then he accidentally breaks his glasses. It’s a cautionary tale: Always have a spare pair of specs. Garrett Leight remains open (by appointment only) because corrective lenses are considered a medical necessity. If you’re visually challenged, now might be the time to buy a backup pair.


Since weed falls under the medicinal umbrella, you can still get your favorite strains deposited right at your front door. Sweet Flower is offering delivery service at no extra charge. Plus, it has a wide selection of products—Dosist “Calm” vape pens, Papa & Barkley Releaf capsules, and Juna tinctures—to mellow you out.

Bath time

For many, being home alone for days on end can lead to hygiene falling by the wayside. Cleanliness might be next to godliness, but when it comes to feeling anxious, there aren’t many troubles that can’t be eased by a long hot bath. If you’re struggling with sleepless nights, the Deep Sleep bath soak by This Works is infused with slumber-inducing essential oils like lavender, vetiver, and camomile. Before you head to bed, fill a bath with the mixture and feel your worries melt away.

Sleep aid machine

If your upstairs neighbor stomping around at all hours of the night is keeping you awake (or it’s just, you know, fear), bring in the big guns. Art Naturals has created a line of chic-looking machines with six soothing nature sounds—from tropical rain forests to ocean waves—to lull you to sleep.


Stress can lead to some serious health issues and leave you vulnerable to catching, well, viruses of all kinds. We need to collectively relax. Candles can help. And the ones from P.F. Candle Co. glow with a soft amber light and smell so good you actually won’t want to leave home. If you’re feeling especially nostalgic for the city, the company’s Los Angeles candle is described as unleashing the scent of “overgrown bougainvillea, canyon hiking, epic sunsets, and city lights.” Translated that means redwood trees, fresh cut limes, jasmine, and yarrow. The candle also makes a lovely gift for anyone you know who’s feeling especially isolated right now.


The Journal of Health Psychology reports that gardening is more effective at reducing stress than reading a book. Luckily gardening centers are still considered—you guessed it—essential. Eagle Rock’s Plant Material is still offering curbside service. Not sure what to plant? A recent report in the Journal of Biological Chemistry states that jasmine is “as good as Valium.”

Beauty Hacks at Home

These popular beauty treatments require the downtime you didn’t have before

Acid peel

Obagi’s Clinical Blue Brilliance Triple Acid Peel is actually a serious dermgrade chemical peel that combines three hard-working acids to exfoliate and retexturize the skin for more radiance and clarity. You will shed tissue like a snake, but no one’s around to see it anyway.


Rolling tiny needles over your skin might seem counterintuitive, but fans of the process swear their skin is visibly firmer, softer, and more refined. The BeautyBio GloPRO guarantees rejuvenation if you use it three times a week.

Plasma pen

The trendy treatment that all the derms were doing meant staying home for at least a week to heal. The Premium Plamere is considered the best. You might look like your face got run over by an acupuncturist—but it can work wonders on crow’s feet, lip lines, and neck lines.

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