A New Health Club on the Sunset Strip Turns 21st Century Wellness into a Social Affair

From a booze-free bar to the cryotherapy chamber, Remedy Place wants to give the health obsessed a place to hang

Soho House meets L.A.’s fixation on health at the new Remedy Place, a Sunset Strip private club where members can, among other things, sit, socialize, and enjoy IV drips together. Open today, the new spot takes style cues from the world of hospitality with its neutral colors, soft lighting, and Venetian plaster walls. It’s the brainchild of Dr. Jonathan Leary, who runs a concierge wellness private practice in Los Angeles that serves a number of professional and Olympic athletes.

Leary, who holds a BS in Kinesiology and a doctorate in chiropractic medicine, tells Los Angeles he started Remedy Place because he wants to reach people outside the pro-athlete sphere and help them be healthier. The club, which will have around 200 members with rates of $495 a month ($395 for a limited number of founding members), offers an of-the-moment selection of treatments: hyperbaric oxygen therapy, lymphatic drainage massage, ice baths, sound baths, cryotherapy, and infrared saunas, plus a meditation room. There’s even a post-LAX package designed to combat the effects of jet lag. In addition, there’s a bar/lounge area offering healthy food and an alcohol-free beverage program served up by what the spot calls “nutritional bartenders.” Remedy Place isn’t completely private. Non-members can book classes (starting at $30) and services a la carte as well.

We talked to Leary about turning wellness into a boutique experience for people of means.


What exactly is a social wellness club?

Over my four-and-a-half years in my practice, my patients, as they transitioned to a healthy lifestyle, the common thing I saw was them say is, “I’m getting healthier, but my social life sucks now. I can’t go eat at certain restaurants. What am I supposed to do after work instead of a happy hour?” When we were putting together this concept, we really wanted to create a healthy social environment that looks like a social environment where they would normally go to have fun or have a drink but make it temptation and toxin free. It’s really giving you the option to be healthy together. It’s really like what the fitness industry did when they first introduced fitness classes. It builds a community. We want to build the same thing for healing.

What are some things that people can do together?

What I’ve noticed is that if a patient is going into an ice bath by themselves, it was rare that I’d be able to see them stay a whole three minutes submerged. When you put a whole group of newbies together, no one wants to jump out and they also don’t want to be the first ones to get out. They feel compelled to stay in longer because they are with a group of people. Everything from our infrared saunas to the breathwork classes to the cryo to massages you can do together. You can do your IV’s together. Pretty much anything here you can do with somebody.

How does the membership model work?

We’re only having 200 memberships total. We want people who will be great ambassadors, good people trying to make a difference who have a certain energy about them. We’re not vetting them as much as a Soho House but we want people who are bringing something to the table and have a certain energy. Memberships include unlimited cryo, unlimited classes, one vitamin IV a month, and one other treatment a month. Founding members get a quarterly health coach, who hold you accountable for your own self-care.

The whole premise of what we are doing is we’re giving the average person what Olympic and pro athletes do.

Some of these treatments sound so trendy. What’s the health science behind why you offer this particular mix of programs?

We’ve done everything from the curated blend of every IV to our overall program, which is based on the seven elements of balance: mind, oxygen, movements, nutrients, cold, heat and compression. We’re the only place to have all of these things in one place. We can put someone in a certain series of back-to-back treatments and heal people faster. There’s so much clinical and research evidence of how combining hot and cold therapy or oxygen with cold and movement is effective. The whole premise of what we are doing is we’re giving the average person what Olympic and pro athletes do.

What complaints do you hear the most with patients in L.A.?

Outside of the common cold, the number one thing I see is just low back pain. We’re seated more. Our postures are getting worse and worse because of our lifestyles. Number two is the complications on people’s health with their travel schedules. Your body isn’t made to handle the changes in humidity and pressure and slower digestion and dehydration and jet lag that comes with flying. And more and more everyone has some sort of gut or digestive problems.

Are their foods you recommend people avoid?

We don’t need gluten, dairy, soy, corn, or eggs ever. If everyone just cut that out, 80 percent of their health problems would probably go away.

Is it realistic for people to cut out that much from their diet?

I would work toward trying to achieve the 80/20 rule, doing something good 80 percent of the time.

Why was elevating the design of the place so important to you?

I mean, design is everything. There is so much psychology behind design. From the darker tones and rounded shapes and even the texture of the walls—we’re doing these Venetian plasters­—it is all about being the exact opposite of a white, sterile clinic. Every single room is supposed to mimic the room of a house and be soothing and comforting. That’s why we even have two different sound systems in the space; one is an underlying sound frequency that allows you to relax.

Are you looking to attract the sober community in L.A.?

There’s a reason these companies that make non-alcoholic spirits are taking off. I also think there’s a younger generation that is spending a lot more on being healthy and a lot less on alcohol. So the first Friday of every week we will have a euphorics night where we’ll have a mixologist come in blending all these healthy drinks that kind of taste like alcohol but aren’t, and have a bit of energy buzz.

Remedy Place, 8305 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood.

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