Zillionaires (and the Rest of Us) are Lusting After Hot L.A. Properties on TikTok

L.A. real estate agents are turning to house porn to market high-end properties on the ubiquitous app

Edward Hutchinson knows what plays on TikTok: Jetliner views. Infinity-edge pools. Gigantic price tags.

“The real estate in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills offers an incredible amount of content,” says the 32-year-old, London-born Compass agent whose TikTok channel, @housesgram, boasts more than 150,000 followers. Ranging from efforts cringeworthy to nearly cinematic, Hutchinson and a growing number of L.A. real estate agents are turning to TikTok to market seven- and eight-figure properties, some now within reach for TikTok “stars” like Addison Rae and the D’Amelio sisters, whose excruciating videos and cash-outs, like the Hulu series The D’Amelio Show, earn them millions.

With Instagram banned in China, TikTok has also emerged as a plausible platform for attracting billionaire Asian “whales” whose jones for high-end L.A. real estate is legend.

“If I see five houses in a day and they’re all above $10 million, I’ll shoot all the pools, sync up the clips, and say, ‘Pick your pool,’ ” says Hutchinson. “There are two advantages to that: people are watching until the end of the video, and your engagement goes through the roof because they’re responding.”

The Agency’s Brandon Piller agrees that swollen price tags and over-the-top design make for the stickiest TikTok fodder. “If we have a house that we’re selling and we’re doing an event, I’ll take a video of it, and within a couple of minutes I’ll have something to post,” says Piller, 25, whose TikTok channel, @pillerproperties, has nabbed 322,000 followers and more than 3 million likes.

Both agents say that while the exposure is great, they’re playing a long game. “Most of the people on TikTok can’t afford these homes,” says Hutchinson. “In three years, however, it’s going to appeal to an older demographic, aka my buyers.”

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