This Pop-Up Is Helping Athletes Incorporate Cannabis into Post-Workout Recovery

With RCVR, dosist and lululemon are showing off how marijuana can ease athletic strain

Running across 26.2 miles of Los Angeles streets–or undertaking any type of athletic feat, for that matter–can put a strain on even the fittest body. To help scores of L.A. Marathon runners bounce back from that endurance test, active wear brand lululemon and local cannabis innovators dosist teamed up to present the RCVR pop-up at Platform in Culver City, launching following this weekend’s race.

Continuing through March 27, RCVR brings together a number of ways to recoup, including yoga, hot stone massage, cryotherapy, and meditation, all under a single roof, and available for free with online RSVP. Through the partnership with dosist, experts will be on hand to discuss the ways that cannabis can play a role in reducing inflammation, easing pain, and helping athletes achieve the restful sleep they need.

Professional athletes have long been at the forefront of pushing for widespread legalization and adoption of cannabis use, citing the therapeutic benefits. Kyle Turley became an advocate for cannabis after suffering over 100 concussions during 10 years as an NFL offensive lineman. In addition to developing chronic traumatic encephalopathy, he developed an addition to the opioids being prescribed for his injuries, and struggled with his mental health, before turning to medical marijuana.

“It saved my life,” Turley said to Men’s Journal. “I wouldn’t be where I am today, I wouldn’t have my family, my kids, my house, everything I have right now, if not for cannabis.”

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