Puma Dropped a Sneaker that Looks Suspiciously In-N-Out-ish–and In-N-Out Isn’t Stoked

The fast food chain says it’s considering legal action against the shoe brand

Puma’s newest collaboration sneaker with designer Mike Cherman evokes a California icon: In-N-Out. But where some might see a harmless homage–or even some flattering free advertising–the fast food chain seems unamused.

“There has been no collaboration between In-N-Out Burger and Puma,” the chain’s vice president of operations Denny Warnick told trade paper Nation’s Restaurant News. When asked if that meant they were going to be asking Puma to cease production on the shoe, Warnick replied only that, “We are currently looking into the matter.”

puma in-n-out cali-o drive thru cc mike cherman

Photo courtesy of AFEW

The limited-edition shoe features the same bright red, white, and yellow associated with In-N-Out, and custom laces featuring a band of a palm tree motif similar to the one featured on cups and other branding.

Cherman, the founder of L.A.’s Chinatown Market, moved to SoCal as a teen. The Golden State’s distinctive look and culture of skateboarding and streetwear inform many of his designs. His previous shoe in his Cali series for Puma was a swimming pool blue upper with a band of checkerboard along the side, inspired by the surfers and skaters of Santa Monica’s Dogtown era.

Regardless of how In-N-Out proceeds, the shoe seems to be a hit with sneakerheads (and bland fry apologists). The $115 shoe is already sold out at several online retailers.

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