Where to Get Your Halloween Makeup Done by a Pro

Have a big, spooky vision but not a lot of ability? Time to let a professional step in

If you’ve ever set foot on Santa Monica Boulevard on Halloween night, you’ve seen makeup so fantastical, so expert it looks like it’s straight out of either a horror movie a MAC store. We’re talking animals of every breed, Jokers of every franchise incarnation, rainbows, lighting, stars, stripes—but how many Halloween paraders do their own fabulous fantasy makeup? Unless you’ve got Drag Race-caliber skills, you might want to seek the help of a professional.

If you have some extra dough (and a few extra hours), artists all over L.A. are taking appointments. With professional illusion makeup, you don’t really need much of a costume—your face becomes a mask that’ll launch a thousand selfies.

Pout by Lipsticknick


Pout, which opened this past June, is offering bespoke Halloween makeup—and hair, if you want to go all the way. They have a number of Pout Pro Artists on hand and prices run from $35-$150-plus depending on complexity of the look. Want to be Pennywise the Clown from It? Want a face full of graffiti? Like Elizabeth Warren, Pout’s pros have a plan for that. It’s like nail art for your visage. And you won’t do better price-wise. For appointments visit: poutbeautybar.com. 11135 Weddington St., North Hollywood.

Halloween Makeup Hollywood


This is a collection of fantasy and special-effects makeup artists you can book appointments with: Agne Skaringa, a beauty and fantasy makeup and hair artists; Sioux Sinclair, a special effects makeup expert; and Julia, also a special-effects makeup artist. If you check out their collective portfolios, you’ll find Victorian crypt keepers, zombies, traffic accident faces, Grace Jones, a silver geisha, many varieties of ghouls, punks, steampunks—you get the idea. They’ll also do full-body makeup, should you so desire. For appointments call: (323) 541-8080.

Edward Cruz


Edward Cruz is an established Hollywood beauty makeup artist who’s worked with Alyssa Milano, Anna Wintour, Pryanka Chopra, Cindy Crawford, and Emilia Clarke—he can turn you into a modern red-carpet beauty, but he can also turn you into a gorgeous Cleopatra or Hedy Lamar or Elizabeth Taylor. For $500.00, he will travel to you, no matter where you are in the L.A. area. For appointments, write to [email protected]

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