Bottle Servers Popped Out of Caskets at One L.A. Club’s Reopening Brunch

Known for over-the-top tacky parties, Penthouse Day Club really outdid itself on Sunday

Listen, we’re all anxious to get back to our old ways. Everybody wants to give hugs and go to the movies again. Most people seem to be obeying the guidelines for dining out and wearing masks in public, but you can’t regulate good taste.

Penthouse Day Club in Hollywood reopened on Sunday with music, dancing, and chicken and waffles descending “from the ceiling.”

Drinks, however, were delivered by a bevy of swimsuit-clad models with golden champagne bottles emerging from a gray metal casket paraded around by “pallbearers.” Granted, they were all wearing masks, but what a look during a deadly pandemic.

Before the shutdown, PH Day Club was no stranger to over-the-top parties that test the limits of good taste, including a mile high club-themed bash featuring women in flight attendant uniforms (er, very small ones) and a St. Patrick’s Day party with little people dressed as leprechauns. Of course, if this appeals, the club is now hiring bartenders, security, porters, VIP hosts, and managers.

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