Nancy Pelosi Has Donald Trump by the Balls (In a Manner of Speaking)

At key moments, you might see Madam Speaker sporting an interesting piece of jewelry

Nancy Pelosi has Donald Trump by the balls—at least that’s what her fashion choices suggest.

On September 26, when the speaker of the House of Representatives called a press conference on the impeachment inquiry and declared, “This is a cover-up,” she wore a one-of-a-kind necklace created by Texas jewelry designer Mariquita Masterson. At the center of the piece is a large glass bead that looks like two orange-red balls—or, possibly, the testicles of a certain commander in chief.

The Twitterverse was quick to pounce on the accessory. “It was the first thing that I noticed when she walked out. Wonder if [Representative Adam] Schiff dared her to LOL,” quipped one poster.

It’s not the first time Pelosi has sported the suggestive accessory. When the president gave his State of the Union address in February—pushed back after Pelosi ballsily asked him to delay the speech until the government shutdown ended—the beads were front and center. They added a splash of color to the otherwise white ensemble she wore in solidarity with fellow Democratic congresswomen, and looked especially resplendent as she clapped for the president with a sarcastic expression on her face in what would become an iconic image.

Despite the occasions Pelosi has worn it, and the convenient symbolism, Masterson insists that she did not intend for the necklace to look like male genitalia.

“We are not interested in anyone’s anatomy,” insists the designer, who sells similar pieces for $600 and has seen a bump in sales thanks to Pelosi. “Some people think it looks like a treble clef or a duck and even a cat, but the real inspiration is the movement of molten glass itself.”

The necklace was given to Pelosi by her daughter Jacqueline Kenneally, who lives in Houston, and it’s one of several notable fashion choices by the politician. In January she wore a hot-pink pantsuit in a photo of the new Democratic committee chairs, standing out in a sea of black and navy. Last December she sported an orange funnel-neck Max Mara coat after her and Senator Chuck Schumer’s contentious meeting with Trump over a border wall. The coat look went viral, prompting hundreds of memes; a Twitter handle, @Nancycoat; and Max Mara to reissue the garment, which was from 2013.

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