Most Wanted: Pajamas You Can Wear Out of the House (When You Actually Leave the House)

No more changing clothes to go from WFH to essential errands

We’ve adjusted our wardrobe to life in lockdown—WFH and Zoom meetings led to the sweeping trend of wearing business on top and comfy below. In the early days of the pandemic, many relegated their drawstring fleece pants to strictly at-home wear and instead donned their best duds when venturing out, even to run the most mundane errands. Maybe it was to hang on to a much-needed sense of normalcy. Or maybe they did it to shame the rest of us schlubs, wearing sweats in line at Gelson’s. Now with many months of stay-at-home orders under our belt, the dress code has relaxed, and pajama sets have become the new going out clothes. Here are a few night-to-day sets that are cozy to sleep in and stylish enough to wear out on the town (whenever we can do that again) or just to run some essential errands in the meantime.

Check, Please!

You’ll be wearing this bright and crisp olive green check set well into summer, when maybe we’ll be back to weekend brunches. Made of 100 percent linen, it’s perfect for L.A. weather. Just add top bun and go. Lisa Says Gah, $197 at

Cream of the Crop

This silk set from Lunya is on the pricier side, but a set that does double duty like this one is arguably worth the splurge. The white version of the crop top and pants duo might be a touch too sheer to wear out, but the purple, tan, navy, and black sets are ready for public consumption. Lunya, $258 at

Stripe Out

This summery shorts-and-short-sleeve set, looks great with a pair of slippers while chilling at home and it’ll look good poolside in flip flops when we’re traveling again. Add a wide-brim hat and some killer shades, and Palm Springs, here you come (next summer)! Reformation, $98 at

Boho Chic

What’s cozier than cotton flannel PJs on a chilly night—or day? The pants have an elastic waistband with a velvet drawstring and best of all—pockets! This patchwork pattern set from Anthropologie gives off a relaxed ‘70s boho vibe, hip enough that no one would ever guess you slept in them. Anthropologie, $68 (top) and $68 (pants) at

Pleats and Thank You

The pleats add a bit of sophistication to this gauzy dusty mauve set. Tip: Pair the pants with a solid white or ivory fitted tank top or bodysuit and wear the PJ top over it, as a blazer (unbuttoned). Add bronze metallic sandals and you’re ready to stun at the grocery store. Zara, $49 (top) and $39 (pants) at

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