Most Wanted: The Perfect Holiday Cards for a Shit Show of a Year

There won’t be holiday gatherings but, hey, there’s always greeting cards

A relentlessly trying 2020 is finally coming to an end, and that’s reason alone to celebrate. But with travel bans in place and experts urging everyone to stay home to help quash the raging pandemic, many of us won’t be able to spend the holidays with loved ones. Even more reason to send out cards this year. We’ve rounded up a few holiday cards that will have your friends and family laughing out loud. (And, hopefully, the USPS will get them there on time.)

The Dirty Dozen

Spread some holiday cheer with a postcard that put’s a spin on the age-old Christmas song. But screaming binges and toilet paper rations are counted instead of leaping lords and maids-a-milking. The 12 “Days” of Corona via Zazzle, 80 cents each.

What Is Time Even?

The Groundhog Day effect of life in lockdown has made “I don’t even know day it is” a common utterance. Paper Culture’s New Year’s Eve greeting card with its jumbled timeline gives a nod to our interminable quarantine year. Jumbled Timeline via Paper Culture, $1.25 each.

Better Days Ahead?

Ring in 2021 with a card that says what we are all thinking—“Well THAT was crazy!” It also allows you to share traditional holiday card photos with your loved ones. Well … That Was Crazy via Shutterfly, $1.83 each.

Roll with It

This year will live in infamy as the year people somewhat inexplicably began hoarding toilet paper. The supply chain appears to be keeping (some) stores (mostly) stocked these days, so at least now we can laugh about it with this digital card by San Francisco-based artist Sara Showalter. Dottie and Caro via Etsy, $11.

Cracking Up

Because let’s face it, if ever there was a year when the desire to crack some nuts was at all time high, it’s 2020. After filling out delivery address and writing a personalized message, Postable will mail this chuckle-enducing card out for you. The best part is you don’t have to wait in line for stamps. Postable, $1.77-$3.99.

Tiny Bubbles

Aw, our holiday season lockdown seems so much more quaint in the context of snow globes. Say happy COVID Christmas with this cute card from illustrator Holly St. Clair. Social Bubbles via the Social Type, $6 each. 

Pure Hell

If we never hear the words “hand sanitizer” again it will probably be too soon. But this handmade card with its “Purhell” brand bottle is worth a giggle. But the description on the bottle contains a positive message. Let’s all hope 2021 is much better. Cambridge Circle Studio on Etsy, $6.50 each.

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