This Was L.A.’s Most Popular Car in 2019

A new study breaks down what we supposedly car-obsessed Angelenos bought this year

If you spend any amount of time idling in traffic–and, since you live in L.A., we’re going to assume you do–your mind has probably started to wander to the cars around you. Maybe you notice that, say, suddenly everyone seems to be driving a white car, or you’ve passed nine of the same Prius in a row. But what are the real trends in car-buying? Data from Santa Monica-based car buying service TrueCar breaks down what Angelenos bought most often in 2019.

According to the TrueCar numbers, the most popular car in L.A. is a Honda Civic. The Civic ranks number five in nationwide sales, so we’re buying them a bit more frequently than the rest of the country. However, taken as a whole category of cars, in L.A., compacts have moved to the back seat, with “compact utility” taking the top spot. The overall top brand this year was Toyota.

For such a colorful, sunny place, when it comes to our car colors, we’re pretty neutral. Of the top ten vehicle colors, half are shades of grey. White still ranks number one, followed by black, and then grey (3), silver (4), platinum (7), steel (9), and granite (10).

Most Popular Cars in L.A. 2019 according to TrueCar

1. Honda Civic
2. Toyota Camry
3. Toyota RAV4
4. Mazda CX-5
5. Honda Accord

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