Amanda Chantal Bacon Talks Moon Juice’s Mushroom-Based Skincare Line

”I am the least likely candidate to have anything to do with the beauty world”

Before Moon Juice’s new line of mushroom-based skincare even launched, Vogue called it the brand’s “next cult creation.” Amanda Chantal Bacon, the maven behind the healthy lifestyle empire, dishes on how Beauty Shroom came to be.

“I am the least likely candidate to have anything to do with the beauty world. I didn’t have much of a beauty ritual. I brushed my teeth, and washed my face with a bar of soap. If my skin got dry, I moisturized as needed. I didn’t even use sunscreen. As I got older I noticed changes in my skin. So I went out to find products that were efficacious, and I learned that it’s a dirty world out there and that it’s nearly impossible to find clean, natural ingredients.”

Moon juice los angeles amanda chantal bacon

Courtesy Moon Juice

“I went after skin care in the same way that I’ve gone after everything I’ve created at Moon Juice. I want the most potent, purest, best sourced ingredients on the planet. In this case, it was finding silver ear mushrooms, which I use in a plumping serum and a milk powder, and reishi mushrooms for an exfoliating potion. My philosophy is to stay strong and vital for as long as possible; there’s a beautiful, healthy, graceful way to step into age.”

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