Louis Vuitton Launches Its Third Collection of Artycapucines

Hollywood A-listers join the legendary fashion house to celebrate its special limited edition collection of the highly coveted bags.

Kate Hudson, Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom and Nicole Richie were among Los Angeles’ glitterati that turned out for an exclusive dinner celebrating the launch of Louis Vuitton’s third chapter of its limited edition and highly coveted Artycapucines Collection.

The dinner hosted by Jaimie Mizrahi (Celebrity Stylist & Kit Undergarments Founder) and Miranda Kerr (Model & Kora Organics CEO & Founder) was held at the recently restored John Lautner Harpel House.

The 36 attendees, also including Rachel Zoe, Dylan Penn, Jennifer Meyer and Joel Madden, posed with one another as well as each of the six Capucines bags that were used as canvas by artists featured in the much-anticipated union of contemporary art and high fashion.

The collection features collaborations with six highly celebrated contemporary artists who came together to use the iconic Louis Vuitton Capucines bag as their canvas. Artists Zen Fanzhi, Gregor Hildebrandt, Donna Huanca, Vik Muniz, Paola Pivi, and Huang Yuxing worked alongside the brilliant artisans at Louis Vuitton to bring their creations to life as carryable art. These unique and exquisite creations pay homage to the artist’s personal stories and journeys while celebrating the storied Maison’s tradition of innovation and supporting the arts which dates back nearly a century. 

Each of the limited quantity bags created displays the highest level of craftsmanship and artistry that is to be expected of the brand’s namesake. Exceptional artistry and craftsmanship is revealed in each new Artycapucines. The sensuous mix of embroidery, printing, and hand-painting on Donna Huanca’s abstracted approach; the precisely embossed, candy-colored clip-art characters in Vik Muniz’s design; the gold-leaf gilding and delicate marquetry that accents Paola Pivi’s leopard vision; the embroidered rainbow river, flowing like unbroken brushstrokes across Huang Yuxing’s composition; the explosive monochrome linework in Gregor Hildebrandt’s creation; and the instantly-recognizable portrait of Vincent Van Gogh, gazing out from Zen Fanzhi’s Capucines, showcasing a clear nod to his historically complex paintings that experiment with both Eastern and Western traditions.

Each highly coveted Artycapucines bags will be released in a limited numbered quantity of 200.

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