This Long Beach Dog Mom Is Our New Quarantine Distraction

Shirley Porter and her husky pups went viral on Instagram during the pandemic

Shirley Porter and her four huskies are making the kind of content we all need right now. On their popular Instagram, @TheRealHuskiesOfLBC, the squad can be seen going for walks in their Long Beach neighborhood dressed in elaborate costumes and, it would seem, making the best of quarantine life.

I’ve always dressed up my fur kids. I find it fun and cheerful and they don’t seem to mind at all,” Porter says.

The dogs–Furiosa, Dante, Dulce, and Banner–are all rescues, three of them from Husky Haven of L.A., a group that has been finding forever homes for local huskies for over 30 years. Porter volunteered with the organization as a foster, and ended up adopting her foster pups instead.

She finds that, particularly for her dogs who struggle with anxiety from past abuse, wearing the costumes can actually be soothing, functioning similar to a thunder shirt.

It soothes human anxieties, too.

“Having fun with the fur kids absolutely keeps us happy and sane. They keep us focused on the good and not the bad,” Porter shares. “They remind us to be grateful to have each other.”

With everyone cooped up at home, the husky team’s mini-parades have become a big neighborhood event.

“Our neighbors love it! They look forward to future costumes, and I’m happy to bring them a few laughs–because at the moment that is what we all need.”

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