8 Local Spin Studios Where You Can Pedal Away Your Frustrations

The classes at these locally owned indoor cycling studios will leave you sore for days—if that’s your thing

Who else lives for the feeling of your legs practically giving out from pedaling way too fast and too long? Whether or not a little workout-induced pain is your thing, you should give spinning a try. Trust me, it hurts so good.


Besides being a great way to get your cardio in, spinning—aka indoor cycling—is also the perfect way to release some of that rage we’re all experiencing at the moment (hell, you can cry and people will just think it’s sweat). Experts claim regularly hopping on a stationary bike can improve heart health, help with anxiety, and lower your body’s workout breaking point, along with many other benefits. So, grab your cycling shoes or your regular workout sneakers (most of these studios either have the option of renting cycling shoes or using what you normally work out in), your water bottle, and saddle up.

Get Sweat Studio


Open since July 2017, Get Sweat has quickly become a Valley fave. If you’re new to spinning and want to feel total support and motivation from your instructors, this is the perfect environment. It’s a heated spin class, though, so make sure to stay hydrated and bring an extra towel because you will sweat profusely (the studio offers complimentary towels, too!). Not only does Get Sweat have super energetic and passionate instructors, but their playlists are fire—and they host a Beyoncé-themed ride every once in a while, so you’ll have fun while you pedal through the pain. You can choose from 50-minute classes or a 30-minute quick sweat (these are killer). The cherry on top: Get Sweat is pretty affordable and won’t break the bank. 226 N. Maclay Ave, San Fernando. Book your bike here.

Cycle House


If you’ve ever been to Alfred Coffee in the Alley on Melrose, then you’ve probably been curious about what the business right beside it is. It’s Cycle House, and its first location opened in 2011 in West Hollywood, later expanding to other locations in the greater Los Angeles area. So, whether you’re on the Westside or in the Valley, there’s a chance to spin with some of the most coveted spin instructors in the L.A. area. You might even spot a celeb in your class (Jessica Alba and Houston Rocket James Harden have been spotted in the saddle). Multiple locations in West Hollywood, Studio City, and Santa Monica. Book your bike here.

Dragonfly Cycling


Dragonfly’s founder, L.A. native Jessica Lewis, left her 13-year career in software and opened the studio after a foot injury—which prevented her from long-distance running—made her realize that spinning can ease any frustration. Aside from spinning, Dragonfly also offers strength training. Pro tip: You can find good deals on classes on Groupon4455 Van Nuys Blvd., Sherman Oaks. Book your bike here.

Ratio Cycling


Located in Hollywood, Ratio aims to create a space where people can join others in “their quest for harmony and peak health.” Pedalers can choose from the Ratio Ride (45 minutes), Ratio Ride + Build (60 minutes), Ratio HIIT + Run (45 minutes), and its Vibe Ride (45 minutes). Whether you want to build endurance, target certain parts of your body, break a sweat with high-intensity interval training, or meditate as you ride–Ratio has all sorts of options. 1306 N. Wilton Pl., Hollywood. Book your bike here

The Sweat Shoppe 


This sleek and modern cycling studio in Toluca Lake is a local favorite. At Sweat Shoppe, you’ll find yourself training in 84-degree temperature, but don’t let it scare you–instructors will help you through every crank of their 50-plus minute rides. If you’re still a little trepidatious, just head over to its website where you can find who you’ll be training with and you can even listen to the playlists ahead of time to help you get in the right mind-set. 10620 Riverside Dr., Toluca Lake. Book your bike here

Rev Cycle 


In the heart of Eagle Rock, you’ll find Rev, an boutique cycling studio with classes designed for all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced. For first-timers, it offers a Beginner’s Cycling class for riders who want to perfect their form and focus on technique. If you really feel like challenging yourself, it hosts other fitness classes, too, like TRX Sculpt, Power Barre, and Pilates Sculpt. 1457 Colorado Blvd., Eagle Rock. Book your bike here



With its dark rooms and nightclub lighting, walking into an Aura spin class feels like stepping into a rave. This Beverly Grove studio offers four different classes: Aura Cycle, Aura Precision, Aura Endurance and Community Ride. On Sundays, it also get downs with Reggaeton Sundays. 8231 W. 3rd St., Beverly Grove. Book your bike here



This sleek studio is another Toluca Lake gem. Cofounders Brittany and Kirk Thompson believe in the idea of “work hard, play harder,” and at their cycling studio, you’ll get a little bit of both. Sycle offers regular 45-minute rides, or a Hybrid, which is 40 minutes of cardio on a bike, followed by a 25-minute full-body workout. Props to you if you make it out alive. 10112 Riverside Dr., Toluca Lake. Book your bike here.

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