L.A. Tastemaker Maria Korovilas Answers 5 Fashion Questions

The designer, who launches a red carpet bridal line in January, talks personal style and her fashion faux pas

“What I love about L.A. style is the fluidity and ease with which women here put unexpected pieces together,” says designer Maria Korovilas.

Describe your personal style.
“A mishmash of eclectic things. I love juxtaposition. If I wear a chiffon dress, it’s usually with a leather jacket and boots.”

Were you into fashion as a child?
“My mom says I used to change my outfits eight times a day as a toddler. Settling for ‘clothing’ was never an option.”

What made you want to be a designer?
“After dabbling in theater, music, journalism, and fashion, I realized that designing actually required me to change my mind. Creating a collection is always a new opportunity to reflect a current inspiration. A new puzzle, a new project—it never gets old.”

Fashion faux pas?
“Some might say it’s that I continue to wear my UGG boots, but I don’t care. I’ve been wearing them since sixth grade, and no one’s going to change that!”

Formal wear advice?
“So many women hear ‘gala’ or ‘red carpet’ and automatically think they have to abandon who they are and wear some superformal gown with heels, and that’s just boring. I love when a woman can channel her everyday style into something unique and luxurious.”