L.A. Style Watch: The Best Outfits At ThriftCon Los Angeles

We surveyed what people wore to the event upon its highly-anticipated arrival in DTLA over the weekend

Thrifting may be the most sustainable approach for building a wardrobe in the 21st century while it has become an increasingly popular element at the end of clothing’s life cycle. When in the hands of a consumer, rather than the producer, it’s up to a garment’s latest owner to decide whether the piece in question will have a significant lifespan or end up in a landfill.

ThriftCon came to town this weekend, with the exact intention of keeping those garments as far away from that bitter end as possible. The “event brought roughly 100 vendors to Los Angeles to serve a high density of thrift shoppers. As all trends do, thrifting has taken off in L.A.

Prior to the weekend event, ThriftCon stopped in Atlanta, Houston, Philly, and Las Vegas. The event began in 2019 after founders Mars Conte, David Bywater, and Ken Meade all came together to host its debut event in Denver and since, Thriftcon has expanded nationwide, bringing some riveting vintage looks to several cities.

We made sure to stop by the Los Angeles Convention Center to search for the best-dressed attendees. Though the venue was rather bleak, these attendees brightened up the event with their bold choices of attire.


(Photo by Julius Miller)

Kaida was the first to catch our eye, styled in a bright, flaming, black leather biker jacket that she’d just picked up. She continued the ensemble with a cross-torso belt, it was tied together with a washed-yellow skirt and black Naked Wolfe boots. But these were not just any Naked Wolfe boots, Kaida went ahead and splashed her own white paint customization on them. Needless to say, this type of modification can ruin a piece, but we think Kaida did great.


(Photo by Julius Miller)

Next, we spotted Alanna, who also wore a leather biker jacket which she’d paired with a pink-printed skirt and crisp light blue cowboy boots, We were in awe. She’s originally from San Diego but has been living in Los Angeles for some time, which she says has made an impact on her preferred pieces. Her favorite article of clothing she wore was, of course, the boots, which she bought on eBay and claims are straight out of the 90s. A self-proclaimed shopaholic, Alanna says she was looking for “anything and everything” at ThriftCon this year.


(Photo by Julius Miller)

Also found wandering around the event was Axl—named after the one and only Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses. He tells us he currently attends the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising as an apparel industry management student. Most of his outfit today was made on that day, he says, with his jeans taking center stage. Axl says that his “life goal” is to only wear garments that he produces himself.

(L-R) Anderson and Koji

(Photo by Julius Miller)

Here we have Anderson and his German Shepherd-Husky mix, Koji. Both are out in Los Angeles as Anderson models in the area but the duo originally hails from Boston. However, it seems they are both international travelers; Anderson is signed to APL Models, based across the Atlantic in Amsterdam. Though we personally thought that hat took the cake, his favorite piece was his black boots from Balenciaga.


(Photo by Julius Miller)

Last but certainly not least we have George, who chose a bright pink and denim look. From the bold statement pieces around his neck to the thigh-high pink leather Demonias hidden under his Y2K denim skirt, he has certainly put something together for the occasion. George is originally from the Bay Area but for the past four years, he’s made L.A. his home. Rather than shopping for any clothing, George was actually on the search for inspiration from ThriftCon.

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