Rep In-N-Out Down to Your Feet with These Official Shoes

The slip-ons bear the brand’s iconic cup print

True In-N-Out loyalists have a new way to show their burger joint love. The Irvine-based chain has released a new sneaker, inspired by the iconic motif on the brand’s soda cups.

The In-N-Out shoes landed in the company’s online merch store yesterday, retailing for $64.95. A basic canvas slip-on silhouette, the shoes are suggestive of another popular O.C. brand, Vans, but that resemblance is pure coincidence. The shoes are not a collab, but made solely under the In-N-Out brand.

Not long ago, Puma created a shoe that paid unofficial homage to In-N-Out. The burger-maker was unhappy with that–even threatening legal action against Puma–but apparently they liked the idea of an In-N-Out shoe well enough to run with their own take on the idea.

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