How I Got This Look: A Dapper Nightlife Duo Deconstruct Their Signature Style

Rich Royal and Anya Varda aren’t letting the pandemic keep them from getting glam

Karl Lagerfeld first said that “sweatpants are a sign of defeat,” but these style-mad L.A. scenesters couldn’t agree more. Even a pandemic won’t keep them from turning it out.

Rich Royal

Nightlife impresario from Silver Lake, 43

Style Philosophy: “I dress according to my mood. Some days I wake up and want to be a cowboy. Some days I wake up a Zen master and wear caftans. I’d say my overall vibe is fancy.”

 Hat: I recently shot the new hat collection for Gladys Tamez Millinery in downtown L.A. We bartered and I got a couple hats. I’d been wanting a cowboy hat for a while. This one is a little Larry Hagman. I grew up watching Dallas, so who else would I want to look like?

Shirt: I got the shirt at Express. All of my white shirts are crisp. I dry-clean everything! I only wash my underwear.

Jacket: I have three sequined jackets by Any Old Iron, based in Nashville. One’s gold, one’s silver, and this one’s called the Oil Slick—it’s reversible. If you brush the
sequins up or down, it can look blue, green, or gold—or all three.

Pants: My go-to black slacks have a little stretch and are from Nordstrom Rack. Honestly, I can wear a $25 pair of pants and they look like Gucci or Prada on me!

Sunglasses: They’re vintage, from the Rose Bowl, actually. The frames are 14-karat gold.

Accessories: I always carry a white hankie in my pocket because my grandfather did. I order them by the pack on Amazon. My friend Drew bought me this bow tie from Tom Ford when we were going to the opera at Versailles. This is my grandfather’s lucky horseshoe ring with little diamonds. And I have a Rolex. It’s fake—only cost a couple hundred dollars. But it’s a really great imitation, though it doesn’t work all the time.

Photo by Josef Jasso

Anya Varda

Legendary gatekeeper of the Chateau Marmont from West Hollywood, 62

Style Philosophy: “Glamorous and feminine. I try to make a statement. Shake things up! And if all else fails, wear leopard. That’s my mantra.”

Lipstick: I like a red lip at night. It’s part of my retro evening look. This one’s MAC Viva Glam I. I use LeClerc powder in Ivoire and a brown eyeliner. And that’s it. I like to keep it simple.

Fur collar: This is real fur—but somebody gifted it to me; I didn’t buy it. People just give me things! And I’ve worn them because I’m outside the Chateau freezing my ass off every night.

Coat: I just typed “vintage evening coat” on eBay and this popped up. I’ve gotten a lot of coats from that site over the years. Most are black. Generally, they’re several hundred dollars, but I got this one brand-new, with all the tags, for $250.

Dress: Three years ago, I saw somebody wearing this dress from Zara, and I literally ran after her, saying: “Your dress, where did you get it?” I prefer long dresses. I don’t have skinny legs and you need skinny legs to wear shorter things.

Earrings: I got these from eBay. Whenever I’m bored I scroll the site and buy lots of $2 earrings from China.

Bracelets: My favorites are from Mantraband. They sell bangles with sayings. I like this quote from Macbeth: “Full of scorpions is my mind.” My Indian baby bangle with bells I got in Little India on a food run. One bracelet says “Fucking Fancy.” 

Handbag: This is a Givenchy clutch from several years ago, which I love. It’s beat-up, but that makes me like it more. I hate perfection. Except when it comes to makeup.

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