This Local Couple Dared to Have Their First Date on Valentine’s Day

Each week we ask a local couple, ”How did you meet?”

Anthony and Domenico met on Bumble, but it took over a week for them to actually connect.

Anthony tried to impress Domenico by throwing out a word or two in Italian but it didn’t go over well. “I thought I’d do it since he’s Italian,” Anthony admits. “It wasn’t a success.”

But a week later, Domenico was going through old chats and decided to reach out again. “I thought he was really cute,” the 31-year old scientist says. “I gave it another shot.“

The two had their first date on Valentine’s Day at a loud Bar in West Hollywood.

“We stayed for 30 minutes because we had to scream to talk,” says 28-year-old Anthony, who works at a video game company. “Then we closed down another bar and ended up making out in the street.” They’ve been together ever since.

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