This L.A. Couple Risked Gainful Sandwich Shop Employment for Love

Each week we ask a local couple, ”How did you meet?”

In our series How Did You Meet?, local couples tell us how they first hooked up. 

This couple’s sandwich shop romance almost got one of them canned. When Cherri got a job as a driver at a Culver City sandwich shop, she immediately took notice of her boss, Francisco—and he took notice of her too.

They tried to resist the attraction at first but they were constantly around one another at work. The two started dating but when word got out, upper management stepped in.

“He almost got fired,” explains Cherri. “I eventually got a new job.”⁠ Francisco, 30, still works at the same place. But these days, 28-year-old Cherri is loving her new job as a coach at Orange Theory Fitness. The two say they like working out together and going on hikes during the weekends. ⁠

The two are amazed that they survived the drama of the office, er, kitchen romance. “We’ve now been together for three years,” Francisco says enthusiastically. “It’s awesome.”⁠

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