This L.A. Couple Turned an ‘Insta-flirtation’ into an IRL Relationship

Each week we ask a local couple, ”How did you meet?”

In our series How Did You Meet?, local couples tell us how they first hooked up. 

It may sound cliche but the model and the musician were meant to meet. Kendall and Shawn met after she began following him on Instagram seven years ago.

“I immediately noticed the follow,” admitted 34-year-old Shawn. “I guess you could say that I started insta-flirting with her through Facebook since it was pre-DM.”

The Juno Award-winning singer-songwriter was living in Canada. Kendall was living and modeling in Miami. She eventually flew to Canada to meet him after months of talking.

“I loved him immediately,” recalls the 30-year-old, who now works in real estate. “As soon as we met in person it was as if that’s always how it had been.”

The couple eventually moved to Los Angeles and Shawn even cast her in a couple of his music videos.

These days, Sean is out promoting his new single, I Don’t Wanna Dance, which was released by Ultra Records this past weekend. The two have been together for seven years.

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