This L.A. Couple Joined the Protests in Their Wedding Clothes

Each week we ask a local couple, ”How did you meet?”

A trip to Ikea turned to love for Lara and Sam. The two met in line at the store in Burbank two years ago. “We started talking and I was buying a lot of furniture for my son’s room,” says 51-year-old Lara. “He was so nice and helped me bring a bunch of the furniture out to my car.”

The two hit it off immediately and got engaged in January, but the summer wedding they planned was postponed by the coronavirus. Instead, the May 31 nuptials took place on Zoom. “We had 500 people from all over the world at our virtual wedding,” says 30-year-old Sam, the owner of a talent consulting agency with Lara.

The following day, they decided to get back into their wedding attire and get some photos. While driving around their neighborhood, they ran into a protest in West Los Angeles. Sam grabbed her hand and they joined. “We got out in the intersection and held up our arms in solidarity,” Lara says. The international film producer admits she was nervous to join the protest in her wedding dress and high heels but didn’t want to miss the moment: “The crowd really embraced it. Love truly conquers all.”

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