A Year After They Swiped Right, This L.A. Couple Finally Got Together

Each week we ask a local couple, ”How did you meet?”

In our series How Did You Meet?, local couples tell us how they first hooked up. 

Milaya Hanson and Dominic Running met on the dating app Bumble, where they both decided to swipe right. Despite the mutual attraction, it took the couple a whole year to actually go out on a date. ⁠

“I kept in touch with her on Instagram and Snapchat,” Dominic explains. “I just had to meet her but she was in design school.” ⁠


⁠Waiting paid off. Once the duo met IRL, they hit it off and their relationship moved swiftly.

Even though, they’re happily in love, the couple were apprehensive about telling people they met on an app. Eventually, they decided there’s no shame in their game. As Milaya says, “Come on—how else are you supposed to meet someone in Los Angeles?” ⁠

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