Can Middle School Love Last? This L.A. Couple Is Proof Positive

Each week we ask a local couple, ”How did you meet?”

In our series How Did You Meet?, local couples tell us how they first hooked up.

Ty and Lamont met in their early teens. He remembers spotting her while riding his bike around the neighborhood. They were both in middle school but he wanted to meet her immediately. “I asked my friend, ‘Who is that young lady?’ says Lamont, a music and cannabis entrepreneur.  “She was so cute.”

Cut to 14 years later—they’re still together and have an adorable baby girl. The two are looking forward to growing old together, but there may just be one thing left to do.  

“He still hasn’t proposed,” says the fashion designer says with a big laugh. “Hopefully this video will put a little pressure on him to propose.”

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