A Wedding, a Sibling, and a Dating App Brought These Lawyers Together

Each week we ask a local couple, ”How did you meet?”

In our series How Did You Meet?, local couples tell us how they first hooked up.

Julie and Matt met on Hinge, but just so happened to have a mutual friend: Julie’s sister. Matt had actually attended her sister’s wedding but they didn’t officially meet until they both swiped on the app.  


He was smitten on date one. “I really liked her but she wasn’t that into me,” admits Matt. But his patience paid off. The two lawyers were friends for three months and then it clicked for Julie: “I wanted to be extra careful since he knew my sister and make sure it was right.” 

They’ve been together four years and will celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary next week. They recently added to the family by adopting an adorable dog called Ana.  

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