Long-Distance Dating Led to a Fryman Canyon Engagement for This Couple

Each week we ask a local couple, ’How did you meet?’

In series How Did You Meet?, local couples tell us how they first hooked up.

Adam and Sarah lived in different cities—he in Los Angeles, she in New York—but a mutual friend was determined to set them up all the same. They kicked things off with a phone call, and then started talking and texting daily. Three weeks later, Adam was going to the East Coast for work so they connected for an in-person meeting. ⁠

“Our first date was on a cold February night in Brooklyn, and she was 20 minutes late for the date, but it was worth the wait,” explains 34-year-old Adam, who runs Two West Entertainment, a Hollywood talent management company. ⁠


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After long-distance dating for a while, Sarah ended up moving to Los Angeles and the two got engaged during a hike in Fryman Canyon.⁠

“Adam took out his phone to reveal that our parents, grandparents, and siblings were on Zoom right after he asked me to marry him,” recalls Sarah, a 31-year-old writer. “We are planning to get married in October in Ojai.”⁠

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