During the Pandemic, This L.A. Couple Turned a Sweet Dream into a Reality

Each week we ask a local couple, ”How did you meet?”

Lara and James love riding their bikes around Los Angeles to look for spots where she can open up a bakery one day. ⁠

The couple met at a party back in 2017 at the Standard, Hollywood. “It was dark inside the party but a bright light was on him and I thought, ‘This guy is fine,”’ Lara, 27, recalls. “A little while later he came up to talk to me, and we’ve been together ever since.”⁠


⁠Over the last past three years, James, a project engineer, has encouraged Lara to open up a bakery because she’s a brilliant cook. Then the pandemic hit, and Lara was furloughed from her job selling designer shoes at Nordstrom—but she used the extra time to her advantage.

“I had time to bake and decided to deliver cookies to friends and my Nordstrom clients during the shutdown,” explains the 27-year-old. “Everyone kept telling me to start a cookie business.” Six weeks later, she opened Fleurs et Sel from her home, and is now selling hundreds of cookies a week, from chocolate chip to the bae bar (fudge brownie and Oreo with a chocolate chip crust). The cookies get posted on @fleursetsel and sell out within minutes. ⁠

“The business just took off immediately because the product is really good,” says James. “I’m so proud of her.”

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