This Local Couple Went from So-So First Date to Engaged

Each week we ask a local couple, ’How did you meet?’

In series How Did You Meet?, local couples tell us how they first hooked up.

When Natalie and Beau first met on OKCupid, they had one of those first dates that just didn’t hit. “He wasn’t really my type,” says Natalie, 34, a hairstylist at Andy LeCompte salon. “But he was so funny and really made me laugh on our second date.“⁠

What made her laugh was when they finished dinner, Beau literally picked up the plate and licked it clean. She was suddenly sort of smitten with the cannabis breeder, who runs a cannabis company called Purple Mesa. ⁠

The two were supposed to be married this past November but the wedding was canceled because of the pandemic. “What can I say?” Beau, 35, asks rhetorically. “We are a happy, engaged couple.”⁠

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