This Local Couple Is Making Young Love Last

Each week we ask a local couple, ’How did you meet?’

Imagine meeting your mate at the age of seven. That’s the case for Kendall and Ben, both 24, who met in elementary school. When they were both 17, they went from being best friends to being a couple, complete with a nickname: Bendall. ⁠

“We were super scared at first because we didn’t wanna risk our friendship,” Kendall recalls. “But it worked out. We went to the same college, both had internships in New York together, and two years ago we moved to Los Angeles.“⁠

⁠Ben got a job working as a finance analyst at Warner Music. Kendall was thriving as a music festival producer until COVID shut down live events. These days she’s shifting her focus to acting and a career as a YouTuber. ⁠

Despite all the pandemic togetherness, the two know how to avoid arguments: choose your battles.⁠

“Since COVID hit, everything is OK because I’m with this one,” says Ben. “We’re a great team.”⁠

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