Actress Brianne Howey Walked Into a Bar…and Met Her Soulmate

Each week we ask a local couple, ’How did you meet?’

In series How Did You Meet?, local couples tell us how they first hooked up.

In typical times, bars can be good places to meet a mate—especially, when you happen to run into the same person three nights in a row at three different establishments around town. ⁠

That was the case for local couple Brianne (@briannehowey), 31, and Matt (@unclezito), 35. Matt, a lawyer, was celebrating after taking the bar exam, while Brianne, an actress, was out with friends. Five years later, they were about to be married and the pandemic hit. ⁠


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⁠“We canceled our wedding,” says Brianne, the lead in an upcoming show called Ginny & Georgia on Netflix. “We couldn’t get married in 2020 but we did get a dog.” ⁠

The couple is hoping to tie the knot sometime in 2021. ⁠

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