How Glam Will the Mostly Remote Golden Globes Get? Stylists Give Us a Preview

According to one celeb stylist, ”We can actually be more imaginative this year”

Everyone’s wondering what to expect from this year’s Golden Globes, and that goes for the fashion too. Will people wear PJs like they did at the remote Emmys last year? Or maybe we’re past that particular moment in the pandemic now that there’s a dim light at the end of our collective COVID tunnel.

For insight, the Globes arranged a Zoom roundtable with stylists who work with nominees Dan Levy, Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Sacha Baron Cohen, Kate Hudson, Kaley Cuoco, Leslie Odom Jr., Jane Levy, and presenter Awkwafina, who got together to discuss how they’re handling the unique task of dressing people for another remote show. Will the nominees be seated? We will see more than their heads and shoulders? Will there be full-length photos since there’s no red carpet? No one’s exactly sure at the moment.

The panel of stylists was joined by Golden Globe ambassadors Satchel and Jackson Lee, daughter and son of director Spike Lee, who announced they were being dressed for the Globes by their favorite label, Gucci, and actually collaborating with the brand on their specific looks.

As to the remote situation, stylist Brad Goreski said that when it comes to dressing Cuoco (nominee for The Flight Attendant), “You can actually control the final look more carefully because it won’t be seen in person. She won’t be getting into a car or walking a red carpet, so we can do something a little more extravagant. Sure, we won’t have roaring crowds—but we can put our clients in things they don’t need to sit comfortably in for hours and hours. So we can actually be more imaginative this year! Kaley just wants to have fun. And we both want to bring a little necessary glitz and style back to Hollywood.”

Stylist Erica Cloud, working with Schitt’s Creek father-son duo Eugene and Dan Levy, as well as presenter Awkwafina, says Dan, an obvious fashion lover, will be going “outside the box” this year with a pop of color, though they will be conducting virtual fittings last minute, as he’s in Toronto. Awkwafina, she said, “will look a little different this year, because of the remote fittings—but she’ll still be in a head-to-toe complete look—jewelry, shoes, the works. And because she’s presenting, you’ll probably be able to see all of that.”

Kate Hudson’s longtime stylist Sophie Lopez confirmed that the star of Sia’s film Music still doesn’t have a dress yet. “We’re an open book right now, I’m sure we’ll have a dress at some point! I’ve been working with Kate for ten years. We generally know each other so well it doesn’t stress me out.”

Catherine O’Hara’s stylist Andrew Gelwicks says there have been some constraints in seeking out her Golden Globe looks because of COVID—closed showrooms, etc.—but he’s still concentrating on a full look. “We need to be mindful of the moment we’re in, but we still want to give the audience the fabulous Catherine moment they want! We have fun with color and play a bit; everyone needs a bit of celebration right now.”

Super stylist Ilaria Urbinati (Bradley Cooper, Rami Malek, Donald Glover, Chris Evans) had two custom suits made for double nominee Sacha Baron Cohen, with measurements they used for him last year. “We wanted a richer color this year, to show up on screen from his living room. We are going more toward a cocktail dress code than a black tie one – I didn’t want him to be the most dressed up person there. Meanwhile, he’s having his wife shoot full-length photos because the label wants them!”

Leslie Odom Jr.’s stylist Avo Yermagyan decided to go with the flavor of the 1960’s culture upheaval that’s the essence of the movie he stars in, One Night in Miami, while attempting to stay subtle, considering the difficulties the pandemic has caused so many. “Last year I put Nick Jonas in a million dollar watch. This year, let’s just say we’re shying away from that.”

Stylist Tara Swennen sent her client Jane Levy sketches and photos of dresses, but not nearly as many as in normal times. “We had to do it quick,” Swennen admits. “Normally I’d have 50 or 60 dresses. This year we narrowed it to just four. You pray a dress works when you send out the box! Luckily one did. We’re going timeless effortless glamour this Globes—classic and beautiful, but not vintage.”

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