From Bud to Bloom, L.A. Women Lead A CBD And Mushroom Revolution

A former ’Dukes of Hazzard’ star leads a growing community of females taking their seat at the multi-billion dollar wellness table

The actress Catherine Bach knows something about taking a trend to the next level. The Dukes of Hazzard star took cut off denim shorts and turned them into the iconic Daisy Dukes back in the 80’s. Today, she’s aiming to do the same for CBD with a new product line called Lourdes.

Thanks to a huge market of people trying to cure everything from anxiety to sleep through more natural methods, Bach and a number of local entrepreneurial women are seeing their products fly off store shelves. From salves to sodas, these enterprising types are finding practical solutions to daily problems for those looking to feel relief without getting high. Although the ingredients are nothing new, the packaging and the concoctions are on a whole new level.

Bach’s sleek brand comes complete with five products and two mother daughter teams.

“My good friend, Ira Dewitt and my daughter, Laura saw the need for natural solutions to deal with stress and anxiety during COVID,” Bach explains. “I loved the idea and so did Ira’s daughter and we decided to make it a family affair.”

Bach’s youngest daughter, Laura is also the face of the line. They have products to help with everything from aches and pains to sleep. But it’s the CBD/melatonin concoction that is quickly becoming the hero product. “Our sleep serum is a literal knockout “ says the actress of the Deep Sleep Tincture.. “It helped a lot of people sleep during the height of covid.”

Lourdes Deep Sleep serum

During the lockdown, Stephanie Moyal remembers many sleepless nights. After being laid-off from her hospitality job, she decided to turn it into an opportunity. Along with her cousin, the 28-year old entrepreneur launched a mushroom supplement company called Troop. Different types of fungi are designed to treat different ailments but all are packed in gummy form.

“More and more people are starting to learn that medicinal mushrooms aren’t just psychedelic ones” explains Moyal, “Many have beneficial properties ranging from boosting energy to immunity to even protecting the brain.”

High powered former Goop alums Ashley Lewis and Meredith Schroeder understand the need for more natural solutions. They left their high-powered jobs to start Fleur Marché right before the COVID outbreak in 2019. The duo found a unique way to enhance energy, sex and sleep through CBD. Today, the brand is in dozens of stores including Nordstroms. They see a future where CBD will be more of a critical ingredient to new innovative products rather than a stand alone.

“We just believe that sustained consumer belief in CBD and general category credibility will hinge on an approach that treats CBD more as a value-add ingredient rather than a silver bullet,” explains Lewis. “We’re increasingly seeing CBD paired with other ingredients.”

The sober cousins in Mother Earth’s most famous plant and fungi families are sprouting their way into a spotlight once solely reserved for their psychedelic siblings magic mushrooms and THC. And, unlike fads such as chia seeds and celery juice, these products are proving they have staying power thanks to a little push from some savvy business women.

Fleur Marche wellness patches
Fleur Marche wellness patches

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