This Trendy Handbag Designer Has Turned Her Eye to Chic Weed

Cannabis–but make it fashion–with Edie Parker designer Brett Heyman

Brett Heyman, founder and creative director of the chic clutch bag line Edie Parker–worn by Kerry Washington, Janelle Monae, Julia Louis Dreyfuss, et al on the red carpet–just released three colorfully-packaged cannabis strains in collaboration with Emjay cannabis delivery service. Each of the Flower by Edie Parker products comes in a cute glass jar, tucked within a chic striped box–and can be delivered to you or your host/hostess of choice for $20 a box.

The three compound varietals are each designed for a different experience. Cherry Cheesecake is an Indica hybrid of Cherry Cush and Cheese, leaving you calm, but alert. Pineapple Rising is a Sativa hybrid of Raspberry Kush and Tahoe OG, for the full day smoker who likes to feel peaceful. Banana Jam, a hybrid of Banana Punch and Strawberry Jam, smells like tropical fruit and is a good social smoke.

The collaboration with Edie Parker was a natural fit for upscale cannabis delivery platform Emjay, which services a swath of central and westside L.A. “Emjay’s helping to reveal that cannabis can be high end and premiere,” says says Miranda Lee, V.P. of Operations for the service. “Edie Parker’s well known for beautifully crafted handbags and accessories, so curating a cannabis line was just incredibly exciting.”

Designer Heyman approached the cannabis project just like she does her bags. “I went for charming, bright, fun, feminine, handcrafted from the finest materials, made by skilled artisans. We like to say we craft pretty things that make you happy–the cannabis line takes that even further,” she says. “These three strains are bright, smell incredible, and the effects are light and fun.”

In addition to the custom strains, the line includes an array of fun smoking accessories. “I’ve spent years collecting colorful vintage glasses to imbibe from–I think the same sense of romance can exist for pipes, bongs, stash jars, etc. They can be little objets d’art like any other,” she says.

Ultimately, the brand hopes to make cannabis use fun and fashionable–and it looks primed to be a perfect gift for summer occasions.

“I can’t think of a better gift! The flower’s contained in a beautiful colored glass with gold foil, wrapped in candy colored striped boxes! They elicit the same emotions as the bags,” Heyman enthuses. “Banana Jam smoked out of a hand-blown banana pipe? Yes, please!”

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