Get Felicity Huffman’s Prison Look

A paparazzo on prison duty caught a glimpse of what everyone’s wearing on the inside this season

Move over Lori Loughlin’s crime hat, there’s a new look in town that absolutely hollers “I committed fraud to get my child into college.”

Inmate number 77806-112, aka Desperate Housewives star and retired mommy blogger Felicity Huffman, was photographed by paparazzi five days into her mini vacay at a Bay Area prison that’s colloquially known as “Club Fed” looking chic in a moss green jumpsuit, crisp white ball cap, and comfy Under Armor sneakers. Werk, qween!

As TMZ so astutely observed, “Felicity’s wearing what inmates rock behind bars—a prison uniform—but funny enough…it looks nothing like the ones ya might normally see on TV,” adding, “Interestingly enough, Felicity was not being escorted out by any guards…This place really must be cush and chill to let an inmate walk around like that.” Indeed!

Digging this aging-sculptor-who-lives-in-Marfa-and-smokes-hand-rolled-cigarettes look? Here’s a pricey approximation!

Current/Elliot Linen Jumpsuit: $368

Burberry Monogram Motif Baseball Cap: $260

Under Armor Charged Assert 8: $70

Huffman is scheduled to be released on October 29; we’ll have to find our outerwear inspo elsewhere.

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