How I Got This Look: Filmmaker Hannah Cheesman Shows a Bit of Leg

You saw her dressed as someone else in ”Schitt’s Creek” and ”Star Trek: Discovery” but for the actor-director, it’s all vintage, bold colors and of course, showing off those gams

Yes, Hannah Cheesman does look familiar. Back when she was acting, she appeared in episodes of Schitt’s Creek and Star Trek: Discovery. but since moving to L.A. from her native Toronto, she’s been focusing more on writing and directing, working on her own short film—Succor, about heartbreak and dating apps—as well as her award-winning web series, Whatever, Linda. her fashion philosophy: vintage, bold colors, and “a bit of leg.”

Photo by Lenka Ulrichova

Hair “Not really a mullet, but some weird in-between—like stackable hair. With this, I just really felt like I found my true look.”

Makeup “I like to keep makeup fairly neutral. But of late, I’ve been really into lipstick. Totally impractical, but I often opt for deep purples and burgundies that have a lot of pigment and are darkly contrasting with my skin.”

Sunglasses “These are very fucked-up Willy Wonka. Maybe I should have said that was my fashion philosophy!”

Rings “I borrowed this one from my good friend Benjamin Farrington. These eyeball rings are just really fun, and I love the bold color. I really wish I could take them home—I really do.”

Dress “This is just a straight-up buy from [the online shop] & Other Stories. I saw a girl at a party wearing it, and she had it over pants, which looked really cool. It wasn’t even that expensive for a brand-new mesh dress at 100 bucks!”

Shoes “These are from Alohas, and the brand is incredibly cool because it doesn’t make the shoes until they’re ordered. So it’s much less of a waste. I got them during the pandemic—two or three years ago—when I needed a real pick-me-up.”

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