Trendy Teens Shopping on Fairfax Show Off Their Street Style

The kids are alright

Each month we go looking for fashion inspo on the streets of L.A., and the results are always eye opening. Check out more Style Stakeout here.

Emma Jassy

Student, 18, Seattle

Shannon Aguiar

“I’d call my look Gen Z vintage punk. I’m inspired by a mix of rock stars from the 1960s and 1970s and also schoolgirls from ’90s grunge.”

Wearing: A mix of items from vintage shops and thrift stores, her mother’s ’80s-era zebra-print jacket.

Fatima Martinez

Student, 19, Koreatown

Shannon Aguiar

“I try to stand out in a crowd. Usually I wear more color, and bright colors are my preference, but sometimes I like to wear all black.”

Wearing: Thrift store bucket hat, Top Dawg Entertainment hoodie, Forever 21 shorts, Adidas fanny pack, Vans sneakers, Disney necklace.

David Wright

Student, 16, Chicago

Shannon Aguiar

“I recently just kind of changed the way I dress. I’d describe it as rock star or just kind of free and baggy.”

Wearing: Master Sportsman pocketed fishing vest, Injured Generation hoodie, Guess T-shirt, Carhartt cargo pants, Jordan 1 Mids from StockX.

Lucy Yang

Researcher, 18, Seattle

“I like going back to my Asian roots. I’m always trying to stay ahead of the game. I think Asian fashion trends are always a couple of seasons ahead of the [American] fashion industry.”

Wearing: Gucci T-shirt, American Apparel skirt, Vans sneakers.

Tyrell Spears

Artist, 19, downtown L.A.

“I like to rep my friends’ gear, so I mostly wear clothes from their clothing lines. I spend a lot of time shopping in this area because I’m into streetwear.”

Wearing: Urban Outfitters shirt, H&M jeans and fanny pack, Reebok sneakers, Tristane Jewelers chain.

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