You Can Now Rent a Dog for Your Runyon Canyon Hike

And exercise some adoptable pets while you’re at it

Ever feel jealous of all those happy hikers strolling through Runyon Canyon accompanied by a loyal canine companion? Now you can get a taste of that sweet, sweet dog-walking life–for just $45 a hike.

dog hike runyon canyon

Photo: Courtesy of the Original Rescue Dog Hike

The Original Rescue Dog Hike was created by Free Animal Doctor cofounder Ryan Boyd to serve a bunch of purposes at once: It raises money for his animal welfare nonprofit; it gives Angelenos a low-pressure way to get to know some adoptable pets; the dogs get a chance to exercise and socialize; and Boyd takes advantage of the scenic backdrop to stage appealing photos of the pets for their adoption page profiles.

dog hike runyon canyon

Photo: Courtesy of the Original Rescue Dog Hike

The walks are done in a group of up to 12 hikers plus the day’s crew of dogs. Upon arrival everyone gets a few minutes to get to know each other, then you’ll grab a leash for the three-mile trek. If you already have a dog, they’re allowed to join the pack—as long as they’re friendly to other dogs—but the real stars of the show are the rescue pups.”

“Scared or traumatized dogs tend to react better outside than when indoors,” Boyd told Lonely Planet. “Many of these dogs come in somewhat damaged, and by taking them out, walking them, and exposing them to lots of different people and other dogs, we have found that they resocialize quickly.

“We have had a number of abused dogs that could not be handled come around and become very adoptable simply through repeated hikes.”

Group hikes can be booked though Airbnb Experiences. The two-hour walks take place several days a week beginning at 9 a.m. and at rates running from $45 for weekday hikes to $60 for prime Sunday morning time slots. The likes on the Instagrams of you hiking with your new furry friends, however, will be priceless.

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