Fandom Wedding Fair Is Like the Comic-Con of Bridal Expos

Planning a cosplay wedding just got easier

There’s a wedding expo for couples who love cannabis—so why not a wedding expo for the cosplay crowd?

On November 10, the first-ever Fandom Wedding Fair comes to L.A. for engaged couples whose fantasy wedding involves Stormtrooper armor, Lord of the Rings elf ears, or Hogwarts house colors.

Created by event planner Cristina Gonzalez of Hermosa Weddings & Events, Fandom specializes in Comic-Con-style cosplay and how to create a themed wedding that goes beyond costumes—think sets, music, themed food, lighting, etc.

“Everyone wants a unique wedding now,” says Gonzalez, a self-described “nerd cosplayer.” “I love both worlds, so I decided to put these two ideas together. My personal favorite superhero is Superman, so I go to San Diego Comic-Con as a female version of Clark Kent. There are so many nerds out there. Just think of the ones who love Star Wars. Now, in the wedding industry, most of what I do is the traditional. But non-traditional weddings are on the rise. I’ve seen a number of couples get married in costume. And I know wedding planners who only do fandom weddings! And now there are starting to be some publications that cover fandom weddings. And of course, Instagram has helped make all of this possible.”

“My goal is to get couples inspired,” Gonzalez says. “There will be attire designers on hand too. And don’t worry, mother of the brides—there will be GOT and Japanese anime costumes for you too.”