These Celebrity Weed Brands Offer More than Just a Famous Name

From JAY-Z to Martha Stewart, these celeb cannabis brands get it right

Once upon a time, every celebrity wanted to launch a wine, but these days the real mark of success is your own cannabis brand (or NFT, maybe, but that’s another story). While some celebrity weed brands are little more than run-of-the-mill product repackaged with a famous name, others feature luxury product lines we imagine their A-list backers might actually use. Here are some of the best.


Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter launched his celebrity weed brand in late 2020 in collaboration with California cannabis leader Caliva. The brand’s strains were carefully cultivated over a period of 18 months; MONOGRAM’s signature product, dubbed the Handroll, is inspired by Hova’s love of fine cigars and purports to be a first-of-its-kind innovation.


Created by Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg, Houseplant first launched in Canada and offered a CBD line before fully opening for THC business in California earlier this year. The “plant” products are custom strains of weed, packed in colorful, chic tins; the “house” half of the equation is a small range of artisan home goods and smoking accessories, some of them handmade by Rogan himself.

Jenny Lewis x Glass House Farms

Musician Jenny Lewis collaborated with Glass House Farms to create a charmingly packaged line of pre-rolls, named after one of Lewis’s songs. Considered a particularly intense strain, legend has it that the cultivar from which this line sprung was grown from seeds distributed at a Grateful Dead concert in 1991.

Martha Stewart CBD

Working with Canopy Growth, the same cannabis corporation that helped her friend Snoop Dogg launch his own celebrity weed line way back in 2015, Martha Stewart has entered the game with a range of CBD gummies and oils. The products use only organically grown hemp and natural ingredients.

martha stewart cbd celebrity weed brands
Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart / Shop Canopy

Belushi’s Farm

Actor and one-time Saturday Night Live cast member Jim Belushi fell in love with Oregon’s Rouge River Valley, purchased some acres of farmland, and began growing cannabis–a process he describes as spiritual and life-changing. He now releases products under three signature labels: the Blues Brothers, Captain Jack’s, and Belushi’s Secret Stash.

Happy Dance

Actress Kristen Bell is behind cheerful CBD product line Happy Dance, which focuses on topical treatments to reduce stress and provide skincare benefits. The brand donates a portion of proceeds to L.A.-based A New Way of Life Reentry Project, which provides services to formerly incarcerated women.

Gas Cannabis Co.

“I talk about the way I smoke a lot of weed,” 2 Chainz rapped on Lala. And now, he’s turned that talk into action with a celebrity weed line of his own. Gas Cannabis Co. offers three signature strains, any of which will, ostensibly, get one gassed up.


Actress and filmmaker Lake Bell’s husband Scott Campbell is officially at the helm of Beboe, but Bell has been a particularly supportive partner, collaborating on the line’s development and marketing. Designed to be “socially dosed,” Beboe stocks stylish vapes, edibles, and skincare.

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