Where to Have a CBD Spa Day in L.A.

Because you freaking deserve it

The age-old adage “beauty is pain” has perhaps never been less true than right now. Thanks to a CBD craze that’s been upending daily rituals and taking over toiletry bags, it may be more appropriate to say “beauty is chill” or “beauty is mellow, man.”


CBD, short for cannabidiol, is the non-psychoactive compound (read: it won’t get you high) that comes from the cannabis plant (THC, which can send you soaring, is a totally separate compound). But while CBD won’t give you a buzz, it is believed to ease inflammation, relieve muscle and joint pain, reduce anxiety, and help treat acne. And for that, cannabinoid has been popping up in lotions, body washes, bath bombs, facial cleansers, and even mascaras. It was only a matter of time before CBD also made its mark on spa menus, so that you could soothe with the help of a pro.

For Angelenos, that time is now. As many of the CBD wellness brands are based here in L.A. (including Kush Queen, Lord Jones, and Sagely Naturals), this is the ideal place to book a cannabis-infused spa experience. Offering massages, manicures, pedicures, soaks, and scalp treatments, here are five L.A. spots with CBD on the menu.

The Ritz-Carlton, Los Angeles


Consider the Ritz-Carlton for a fully loaded experience. Here, the CBD massage ($245 for 50 minutes or $310 for 80 minutes) includes a couple drops of tincture under your tongue to begin the treatment, a total-body rub with CBD oil and balm, as well as a CBD transdermal patch to take home with you to ease any residual muscle soreness (you place it on either your wrist or the top of your foot). They also offer CBD pedicures ($120 for 50 minutes), as well as a CBD add-on to any signature massage on the menu (such as deep tissue or hot stone) for $40. Along with your treatment, you’ll get access to a eucalyptus steam room and a relaxation lounge stocked with tea and nibbles (but no, you won’t get the munchies from CBD). Who would’ve guessed you could find serenity so close to the Staples Center? 900 W. Olympic Blvd., downtown.



Treat your digits at Bellacures, where you can get a mani-pedi service called the Canna-Cure ($60 for the manicure; $65 for the pedicure). Using goods from L.A.-based Kush Queen, you’ll start by soaking your hands or feet with a CBD bath bomb, followed by exfoliation with a CBD scrub mixed with lavender, rosehips, and borage oil. Next is a massage with a CBD relief lotion, and, just in case you haven’t had your fill of salon-approved cannabis, your therapist will give you a CBD chocolate to enjoy while you get your nails painted. A Bellacures staffer may offer you a glass of sparkling wine, but you’ll already be so chilled out, you won’t need it. Multiple locations.

The Now


For anyone truly committed to cannabis pampering, this massage boutique offers memberships at its four locations. CBD is a $10 add-on (massages start at $40 for 25 minutes) and the spa uses its own full-spectrum, hemp-derived balm, called Nourish By the Now, which is handmade in L.A. and packed with skin-soothing ingredients, including peppermint, apricot, and coconut oil. The vibe here is light, breezy, and succulent-centric. From the ocean sounds playing in the treatment area to the macramé wall hangings to the Coqui Coqui perfume for sale in the boutique, you might even feel like you’ve jetted off to Tulum. You can purchase a bottle of Peppermint CBD Balm on your way out, as well as healing crystals and palo santo for good measure. Multiple locations.



Baths, in general, are a pretty relaxing ritual. But Desuar takes your tubtime tranquility to an 11 by slipping CBD oil into the water. Their 25-minute Cannabis Soak ($65) is especially helpful to anyone suffering from chronic pain or arthritis. The spa, which is conveniently located downtown just a stone(er)’s throw from the Last Bookstore, also offers a CBD oil add-on to any massage for an additional $20. 220 W. 5th St., downtown.

Angel Victor Prado at Framed Salon


If your hair wants in on the hemp action, book the CBD Scalp Treatment ($44) with Angel Victor Prado, a stylist at Framed Salon in Santa Monica. Angel says the treatment is great for all hair and skin types, but is especially recommended for anyone dealing with a dry, flaky scalp. The process starts with dry brushing to exfoliate and stimulate blood flow, followed by a scalp massage with a moisturizing CBD-based rub that’s a mix of hemp oil, CBD tincture, and essential oils for aromatherapy. You’ll finish with a wash, blow dry, and styling. The full treatment takes about an hour, and at the moment, Angel is the only stylist at Framed offering cannabis for your coif. 2821 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica.

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