Take a Peek Inside the Beverly Hills Hotel’s Marilyn Monroe- and Howard Hughes-Inspired Bungalows

Eat, sleep–even bathe–like an icon in the suites they frequented most

The famed Beverly Hills Hotel has overhauled two of property’s historic bungalows, taking inspiration from the Old Hollywood icons who were regular guests. Bungalow 3 takes cues for its moody, aviation-themed interior from Howard Hughes who lived on site on and off for nearly 30 years. Bungalow 1 channels the feminine glamour of Marilyn Monroe, in the very suite that the frequent Beverly Hills Hotel guest requested most often. The peek into these stars’ lives goes beyond decor, to include custom food menus and other experiences drawn from historical records.

A stay in Bungalow 1’s one-bedroom Monroe-inspired lodgings will find you surrounded by plush, retro furniture, gold-leafed ceilings, and nods to Jean-Michel Frank, the French furniture designer who made a number of pieces Monroe collected for her own home. The library is stocked with her films and books in which she appears, perfect for curing up next to the functional fireplace. The bathroom includes Chanel products, including a special Chanel No. 5 perfume bar (it was Marilyn’s signature scent).

beverly hills hotel marilyn monroe bungalow
Details of Bungalow 1, inspired by Marilyn Monroe

Images courtesy of Beverly Hills Hotel

For dinner, room service can bring you a special “Marilyn’s Menu.” Each dish is an updated take on something Monroe herself described eating regularly–though you’ll be allowed to eat more than four carrots. After dinner comes the grand finale, a “Some Like it Hot Bubble Bath Experience,” in which your bath will be drawn with sea salt and essential oils. Lean back on your special bathtub pillow and sip your personal bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne.

Over in Bungalow 3, you’ll be able to spread out over a 1,670 square foot one-bedroom space or opt for an upgrade that connects an additional adjoining two-bedroom unit. Where the Monroe suite is light and feminine, the vibe in this Hughes-influenced space is more moody and masculine, with sharp angles, darker walls, and Art Deco motifs.

bevelry hills hotel howard hughes bungalow
Details of Bungalow 3, inspired by Howard Hughes

Images courtesy of Beverly Hills Hotel

Hughes’ history with the Beverly Hills Hotel was legendary. He stayed in bungalows on the hotel’s property frequently over the course of 30 years, often rotating which one he occupied, or booking multiple bungalows a night and having other people stay in them under his name to throw off anyone who might be looking for him. His room service order of choice has gone down in hotel legend: Hughes requested a roast beef sandwich, every night, hidden under the tree outside his door.

The bungalows are each available for rent starting later this month, rates start at $8,500 per night.

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