The Best Places in L.A. to Shop for Halloween Costumes (for People and Pets)

Forget the gargantuan strip mall pop-ups and shop local instead

The birthplace of cinema has Halloween on lock. Here are the best shops to help you make a magical transformation.


Ozzie Dots

If you’re in the creative mood and want to DIY your own look, Ozzie Dots offers a curated selection of vintage duds (mod shift dresses, groovy Austin Powers-esque polyester shirts) to get you started. Accessories and details like hats, epaulets, and gloves are on hand for finishing touches. Feeling lazy but sexy? They also carry a number of racy Halloween outfits so you can tap your inner naughty cop. 4637 Hollywood Blvd., Los Feliz.

Robinson Beautilities

A beloved Mar Vista gem, RB has been outfitting Angelenos for All Hallow’s Eve since 1935. The massive store is surprisingly easy to navigate thanks to signage marking the distinct sections—Renaissance (for any Game of Thrones devotees left), Witches/Warlocks (“Expecto patronum,” Harry Potter fans), Circus (yes, we’re expecting to see a few Pennywise clowns again this year). Two-day costume rentals start at $65. It’s a one-stop shop stocked with everything you need—wigs, prosthetics, and professional effects makeup—to complete your disguise. 12320 Venice Blvd., Mar Vista.

Western Costume Company

Many of the costumes at this working-union costume house made their debut on the big or small screen—garments from Titanic, Star Trek, Westworld, Mindhunter, among many others, fill the racks. At 120,000 square feet, Western Costume Company is one of the largest such rental shops in the country. It has everything you need for a professional-quality period costume, whether you’re trying to pull off a convincing Queen Elizabeth or Mary Poppins. Private fittings and consultations are required and run $45 an hour, plus rental and cleaning fees. For $65 to $200 you can score your dream getup and spend the month killing it on the costume contest circuit. 11041 Vanowen St., North Hollywood.

Adele’s of Hollywood

The second-floor store is so crammed with garments and accessories, it feels like you’re perusing your crazy shopaholic aunt’s attic. You won’t find much in the way of wigs (for those, contact Hollywood Wigs ([email protected]), where for a small fee a stylist will shape your locks into the desired do). But if you’re on the hunt for an instant out-of-the-package costume that doesn’t look like one, you’ll find plenty here—all the greatest hits—Star Wars and Marvel (or DC Comics) superheroes, animated characters, and classics like witches along with an astounding array of Dynasty-style beaded gowns worthy of Joan Collins. 5034 Hollywood Blvd. #2, East Hollywood.


There’s nothing cuter than a critter in disguise. Here’s where you can find all the supplies you need to transform your cats and dogs into ghosts and ghouls.


Just before Halloween the front displays at Tailwaggers are overflowing with pet costumes— everything from standard seasonal creatures like bats and spiders and what’s sure to be this year’s most popular—unicorns. The shop also carries a decent selection of hard-to-find plus-size dog outfits. 1929 N. Bronson Ave., Hollywood Hills.

The Urban Pet

Every year the Urban Pet on Beverly Boulevard throws a huge Halloween Carnival to benefit the Downtown Dog Rescue. Pick up a costume for your pooch and enter the contest to take home
awesome prizes like a Dyson pet vacuum or gift cards to the store. 7515 Beverly Blvd., Fairfax.

Pussy & Pooch

Want to see a puppy dressed as Donald Trump? Of course, you do. Maybe you’ll take first prize at P&P’s annual Howl-oween party and contest. 564 S. Main St., downtown.

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