All in the Family

Randi Molofsky and six-year-old daughter, Goldie Slenske, are both icons of style, each in their own authentic way

This is not another case of “mommy and me” style. “Nobody can tell Goldie what to wear,” says Molofsky. “Not even me.”

Molofsky, 44, is the well-connected owner of For Future Reference, a fine-jewelry brand development agency for independent designers. Goldie’s dad is the art writer and man-about-town Michael Slenske. Their passion for art and design was adopted early on by their six-year-old daughter, Goldie, who regularly turns up alongside them at all the hottest L.A. openings. But Goldie seems to have been born with personal style. “I don’t want to be a model,” she says. “I want to be a designer.” Her aesthetic? “I like to wear fancy, sparkly stuff: flowers, jewels, pink. And gold shoes, for my name. I don’t like jeans—they’re way too tight.”

Mother and daughter may share manicurists (Ibiza Nails in WeHo) and a tailor (Francisco’s on Melrose), but that’s about it. Molofsky’s many looks start with jewelry, then lean toward vintage and color, with a large dose of 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s thrown in.



Molofsky: The jacket’s vintage Oleg Cassini. I collect vintage beaded jackets. The T-shirt is a 1980s Heart-concert shirt. I shop Etsy, Recess, Pickwick Vintage Show, and Happy Isles for vintage. The leather pants are new, by Etro.

Goldie: My dress was a gift from my grandmother Mische. She also got me a sewing machine, so I can sew beads onto my plain dresses. They don’t have style!


Molofsky: These are satin Chanel pumps with clear Lucite heels. The perfect pump! Goldie’s ballet flats were handpainted with her initials by L.A. artist Theodore Boyer, a gift from his family, who are close friends.

Goldie: See, my initials are in rose gold. That’s to go with my pink outfit. Rose gold is my favorite right now. And I always wear headbands. Sometimes two.

I don’t like jeans—they’re way too tight.


Molofsky: This is a 1950s Hermès Kelly bag, with a detachable contemporary Hermès bag strap made from Cavale canvas and calfskin. I only see them on resale sites. I got Goldie’s purse from the Tucson Gem shows; it has little bits of turquoise and coral and is made from brass. 

Goldie: I like purses with beads and sparkle. I prefer cross-body.



Molofsky: I always wear mismatched earrings. One is a diamond hanging from a small hoop and one is a Tahitian pearl hanging from a small hoop. I made them. Goldie’s plastic necklace was made by L.A. artist Yassi Mandazi, her 14-karat gold heart necklace is from the L.A. jewelry store Excalibur.

Goldie: My earrings are clip-ons. They’re flat and plastic, so they don’t hurt. 


Molofsky: I’ve curated my charm necklace for years—gold charms with initials representing my family; a Jacquie Aiche; a Mateo zodiac piece. My rings are by jewelry designers I represent: Brent Neale, Harwell Godfrey, and L.A.’s Retrouvai. My watch is vintage Bulgari.

Goldie: I made some of my beaded bracelets, one’s from Shakey’s Pizza. My rings are from Super Smalls. I think the gems are real! (Molofsky: They’re not.)

(Illustrated by Justin Metz)
(Illustrated by Justin Metz)

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