A Look at Yelp’s Top-Ranked Places to Camp in California

The review and social website recently released its top 10 places to camp in the United States, and yup, it features three spots in the Golden State

Yelp, the popular crowd-sourced local business review and social networking site, recently released its official list of the hottest camping spots across the U.S. and unsurprisingly, the wonderful, diverse state of California shuffled itself in comfortably, hitching down in three of the top ten spots.

This is unsurprising, not only because of the tranquil territories found across California but also the number of sites it has on offer. According to a report from Kampgrounds of America, camping reservations in the state totaled 634,000 in 2020, accounting for 19 percent of the U.S.’s total and marking it as the state with the most campsites.

This statistic may coincide with trends such as “van life” and “glamping” or the increased interest in camping by Gen-Zers and Millennials; these generations accounted for 48 percent of campers in 2020, rising from a previously reported 34 percent in 2015.

Regardless, we just know California does it best. Here’s the skinny on those campsites and what makes them so dominant in the list.

(Photo Courtesy of Mendocino Grove/Mimi Gibion)

Mendocino Grove Mendocino

This site placed number six on the list, while fetching a shiny five stars on Yelp. One “Elite” reviewer, Nick, claimed his stay was “an amazing experience all around,” and that what really stuck out was “the beds.” In fact, they were so great that he “slept the most I ever have in a long time.”

Though the secret that this locale is more for “glamping” than “camping” is out, it also offers “classic tents.” Regardless of what one chooses, the area is said to offer world-class wine, breathtaking views, and hundreds of hikes.

The iconic Burney Falls. (Photo by Getty Images)

McArthur Burney Falls State Park Burney

The middle child of the California parks is McArthur Burney Falls State Park, ranked at number seven. This site boasts fishing, hiking, and, of course, the 129-foot Burney Falls. They say it may not be the “highest or largest waterfall in the state, but possibly the most beautiful.”

Elite reviewer Micki says that they “can’t give Burney less than five stars” and that “the only drawback was that it’s super cold in the morning.” Oddly enough, this problem can be easily solved with the acquisition of a coat and some hand warmers.

(Photo by Elisa Parhad)

SkyPark Camp and RV Resort Skyforest

Just making the cut at number nine on the list, SkyPark Camp and RV Resort is located along the iconic “Rim of the World Highway,” or more simply, Route 18. The name fits, as the site rises high above the SoCal basin, allowing campers to peer out for views of Catalina Island and more.

Mary, another “Elite” reviewer, says the “location is perfect and the views were absolutely breathtaking.” She added that it was nearby Santa’s and Lake Arrowhead villages, which made for great day trips.

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