A Cute Dog Connected This Local Couple

Each week we ask a local couple, ’How did you meet?’

In series How Did You Meet?, local couples tell us how they first hooked up.

Talk about animal attraction. ⁠This L.A. couple met at WeWork when Philip’s dog Melvin caught Daniella’s eye. Then Danielle decided Melvin’s owner wasn’t half bad either. ⁠

“After a few times of him walking by me, I said hello and he came down and sat next to me and started talking,” the 24-year-old in tech sales recalls. The dog lovers exchanged numbers and started texting up a storm, which turned into a first official date. ⁠

“I was eating a really good pizza and I started telling her about it,” Philip, a 40-year-old computer programmer explains. “The next night we went out and for that pizza at Culina.” ⁠

Together well over a year now, the couple has spent time during quarantine working out and going to the dog park with both of their pooches. Most of all, they still love eating pizza together.⁠

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