Veg Out to This Photo Tour of a Pacific Palisades Vegetable Garden


Woven Garden founder John Lyons had his work cut out for him as he installed a large vegetable garden, pictured here, at the home of Beth and Ken Karmin in Pacific Palisades. The property (which is featured in Los Angeles magazine’s September issue) had undergone a massive redesign by Isabelle Green. The plot that was to become the edibles garden had been used as storage for heavy machinery and materials (such as the stone slabs for the patio), and the dirt was concrete hard. Lyons jackhammered down two feet so that he could aerate the soil and supplement it with his signature compost. He constructed a sleek covered potting area to protect the young seedlings and placed boxed ficus trees around the pool machinery so the view from the corner garden would be impeccable. Chest-high bins adjoining the shed hold the rich compost he embellishes with horse manure to feed the gorgeous garden you see today.

While Lyons installs and maintains many a vegetable patch, his specialty is native and drought-tolerant gardens. A beloved 86-year-old client in Lake Balboa, a lifelong gardener herself, had decided to excise her front lawn. She and Lyons agreed on replacing the grass with heat-loving plants laid out in such a way that she could smell and touch her way through the space should she lose her sight. Lyons made the path that winds gently through the garden wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair. In this video shot this summer, he explains his plant choices, gives some tips on native gardening, and even shares a secret on watering the bees.