Six Gypsy-Inspired Interior Design Styles

There’s more to boho chic than beaded curtains, tie-dye, and mismatched furniture

In her latest book, The New Bohemians: Cool and Collected Homes (Stewart, Tabori & Chang), popular L.A. interior design blogger Justina Blakeney focuses on the free-spirited school of home decorating that’s part pre-Raphaelite, part hippie. Along with colorful photos of houses (many in L.A.), the coffee-table volume, out April 15, includes such DIY projects as creating shibori textiles and repurposing driftwood. For Blakeney, creativity—not wealth—is what distinguishes a home. Here are the six styles she’s sussed out.


Earthy Bohemian

Nature lovers crave the outdoors and surround them–selves with terra-firma colors, weathered wood, and a forest of greenery. They maintain the kind of environment that makes you want to kick your shoes off, if you were wearing any to begin with.


All photos © 2015 Dabito/courtesy Stewart, Tabori & Chang (An imprint of ABRAMS)

Modern Bohemian

No matter where they live—Craftsman bungalow, cabin, or loft—modern practitioners of this look know that Richard Neutra can hang with Nag Champa, and Herman Miller goes well with handmade objects.


Folksy Bohemian

Keepsakes and family heirlooms are hallmarks of this style. Whether it came from Grandma’s house or an epic treasure hunt, each lamp, quilt, and rug has a backstory.


Romantic Bohemian

As expressions of the theatrical, these interiors are stages filled with vignettes. The historical mixes with the exotic, from old Victrolas and typewriters to mysterious apothecary jars.


Maximal Bohemian

Followers of this aesthetic view every surface as a canvas for vivid displays of color and all spaces as opportunities to showcase an array of textiles and textures.


Nomadic Bohemian

These fans of itinerant pursuits have been everywhere, and they have the one-of-a-kind pieces to prove it. Their wanderlust seeps into their surroundings; entire rooms are changed on a whim

All photos © 2015 Dabito/courtesy Stewart, Tabori & Chang (An imprint of ABRAMS)