Exquisite Rugs from Santa Fe Are Now Available in Santa Monica

For a short time, you can bring a gorgeous (and authentic) piece of New Mexico into your home

Soon, Love Adorned’s new Santa Monica location will introduce a special selection of antique, one-of-a-kind Navajo rugs from Shiprock, a highly esteemed antiques gallery that’s based out of a semi-secret loft in downtown Santa Fe.

Run by Jed Foutz, a fifth generation art dealer, Shiprock carries a revered collection of historic and contemporary textiles; antique jewelry comprised of silver, turquoise, coral, and bone; and a selection of fine art sculptures, prints, and paintings.

Lori Leven, Love Adorned’s owner, selected each rug the Santa Monica store will carry while in Santa Fe on a road trip from New York to Los Angeles for the opening of the shop. Leven has always loved the rich aesthetic and history of Santa Fe—and of Shiprock—and was honored to work with Foutz, who, she told us, “is an inspirational collector, curator and tradesman. His family has been trading with the Native Americans for five generations, and still have trading posts in the Four Corners area of the U.S., where New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and Utah all touch at a single point.”

Running in shades of warm grey, ruby, and persimmon, they make exquisite holiday gifts—and get better with wear.

The Shiprock Santa Fe Collection will retail from $2,700 to $8,400 and be sold exclusively at Love Adorned in Santa Monica, located at 2923 Main Street.