An East L.A. Creative Agency Designed Some Dope Straight Outta Compton-Inspired Wallpaper

GUILD is giving away prints of their gangsta-worthy design via Instagram

Photograph courtesy Deleir Georges

The people at GUILD, the creative agency behind last year’s trippy Journey of a Dress exhibit at LACMA, are so amped for Straight Outta Compton, they decked out the bathroom of their Hawthorne office with old skool Los Angeles-inspired wallpaper they designed themselves. The wallpaper features digitally hand-drawn illustrations of classic L.A. icons like 6th Street Bridge, a taco truck, Grauman’s, Watts towers, Easy-E, and good ol’ Snoop D.O. Double G—and let us tell you, it’s the shiznit.

Jealous? Us too. The bad news is, the wallpaper only exists as a concept project, so you better cancel that order for 16 gallons of wallpaper adhesive real quick. The good news is, today GUILD is giving away 50 2’x2’ hard-copy prints of the design in seven colors (yellow, white, sea foam green, tan, blue, purple, and salmon), so you can at least cover a fraction of your walls in pastel-hued, OG glory. Want one? ‘Course you do. Follow @guildisgood on Instagram for the giveaway today.